Holy Saturday

Today, Holy Saturday, we quietly await the triumph of Jesus Christ over the tomb. There is much about this day which casts a new light on our present situation, and there is much to imitate. We might be like the disciples, patiently waiting for something, anything. But like Christ, we can wait until the time is right to burst from our quietude, waiting in joyful expectation when our exultation at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead can once again openly break upon the world.

Or we might imitate Christ more directly on this day, for today is also the day of Jesus’ Harrowing of Hell, when he called those who had died in expectation of Christ, or had lived according to right reason, into the splendour of his Resurrection. In other words, we might be hard at work bringing hope and healing to those most in need of it. If you are working in our hospital, or looking after the elderly in care homes, or even just calling those you know to let them know they are not alone, you imitate Christ.


All this work, all this prayer, all this patience and expectation reaches its fulfilment tonight, the night of Jesus’ conquest over sin and death. Everything we do, everything everybody wants and hopes for is fulfilled in this most holy night. So let the joy of the Resurrection fill your heart, let yourself share the joy of Christ’s victory in whatever way you can, and let’s make sure that even in this dark time, the light of Christ, the hope of the world, shines brightly. 

Reflection from Fr. James Barber